Integration between Sanity and Nuxt Image.

To use this provider you just need to specify the projectId of your project in Sanity.

export default {
  image: {
    sanity: {
      projectId: 'yourprojectid',
      // Defaults to 'production'
      // dataset: 'development'


The Sanity provider supports a number of additional modifiers. For a full list, check out the Sanity documentation . All of the modifiers mentioned in the Sanity docs are supported, with the following notes.

Extra convenience modifiers

The following more readable modifiers are also supported:

  • background - equivalent to bg
  • download - equivalent to dl
  • sharpen - equivalent to sharp
  • orientation - equivalent to or
  • minHeight or min-height - equivalent to min-h
  • maxHeight or max-height - equivalent to max-h
  • minWidth or min-width - equivalent to min-w
  • maxWidth or max-width - equivalent to max-w
  • saturation - equivalent to sat


In addition to the values specified in the Sanity docs, which are respected, the following options from the default fit behavior are supported:

  • cover - this will behave like the Sanity modifier crop
  • contain - this will behave like the Sanity modifier fill, and defaults to filling with a white background. (You can specify your own background color with the background modifier.)
  • inside - this will behave like the Sanity modifier min
  • outside - this will behave like the Sanity modifier max
  • fill - this will behave like the Sanity modifier scale
For compatibility with other providers, fit: fill is equivalent to the Sanity parameter ?fit=scale. If you need the Sanity ?fit=fill behavior, use fit: contain instead.


You can specify any of the formats suppored by Sanity. If this is omitted, the Sanity provider will default to auto=format.

crop and hotspot

You can pass your Sanity crop and hotspot image data as modifiers and Nuxt Image will correctly generate the rect, fp-x and fp-y parameters for you.

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